04 maio 2007

Padre João Rodrigues II

“P. Joaõ Rodrigues Giram, Jezuita, n. de Alcouchete, missionário no Japaõ, f. em 1633. E. Seis Cartas sobre a Missam, que andam nas Colleçoes.”

Excerto do livro “Summario da Bibliotheca Luzitana” de Diogo Barbosa Machado e Bento José de Souza Farinha, publicado em 1786.

Neste livro não consegui encontrar o “outro Padre João Rodrigues”.

Fonte: Google Books

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Anónimo disse...

When reading its article in the “things of alcochete” - it make reference to references a priest João Rodrigues, can find the news in the Hagiologio Lusitano, quee was reedited in version facsimilada for the College of Letters of the University of the Port and will find more references the figures been born in Alcochete.
I wait that it uses to advantage and it has patience to read the 5 thick volumes, the original of sec XVIII meets in the National Library.
With my compliments
P.Carlos Russo